Breaking Ground!!

We have now been in Ambon for nearly a month. As you can imagine, there is a lot to do. We need to build a Dive Centre, Jetty and a home, as well as get the boats, engines, compressors and equipment over here.

for the first few weeks we’ve been getting to know the place. We’ve been familiarising ourselves with the hotel, the food, the people and the general layout of Ambon. We’ve been having a great time, been meeting some lovely people….and, of course, discovering the joys of Indonesia bureaucracy.

Today was a great day! After many meetings with the contractors and architects, finally we broke ground and started work on the Dive Centre! It has been a lot of work to get this far and therefore great that we finally start to see progress.

The Dive Centre will be on it’s own little promontory, looking south east, across Baguala Bay. It’s a lovely view, as you can see. We will have a lovely little cafe/bar there too, so it will be wonderful to relax in after a wonderful day’s diving.

We hammered in the first posts to mark the corners, checked it is in the correct position (always important) and took some photos

So updates will be forthcoming! Please email us, post questions, whatever you need. Internet is a little flaky, but it is there. If we don’t get back to you straight away, don’t worry, we will get back to you as soon as we can.

And finally, for all you Neo fans, he made it safety and it very happy in his new home. He came, via ferry from Bitung, with Barb a few days ago, and seems completely at ease….


  1. Hi Guys, good to read the news.No muck around with you three.
    Tell us about the hotel, did you buy it or will you work with it for the divers to stay there.
    the spot for the dive centre looks amazing cant wait to see the progress.

    Kind regards


    1. Author

      Hi S&S…

      By ‘no muck around’ I’m hoping you mean ‘no mucking around’..there’s lots of muck here 🙂

      We are working with the hotel, which is already here. It’s a lovely place and only getting better!

      There will be progress reports…as it’s monsoon and no diving, I’ve not got a lot to do…except build everything of course

      Kaj and Barb

  2. Hi Kaj! So will early September be too early to come dive in Ambon with you and Barb? (I’ll be back in Singapore again like last year and already thinking about where to go and Ambon looks lovely and it would be fun to dive with you both again)! 🙂

    1. Author

      Hi Kim!

      Lovely to hear from you and we would love to see you in September but…..early September will unfortunately be too early for us 🙁 I would love to thin we will be up and running by then, but I really don’t think so. Drop us an email with your email address and I’ll send you some more info. We’d love to see you again 🙂


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