Cat Inspection


As some of you may know, one of the most important building inspections has to be carried out by a cat. Is the scaffolding suitable? Are the walls straight? Is the cement the proper consistency? Well this week it was time to check that the dive centre was being build to the correct feline specifications.

Neo was, as ever, up to the task. He thoroughly enjoyed his car ride down to the site, discovering along the way that he really proficient not only at steering the car but also at honking the horn. And his ‘I’m a dog’ impression of hanging out of the windows was pretty good too…



As you can see there are now more walls up and the roof tiles have arrived…it’s all fitting together and nicely and has been fully certified as cat friendly by Neo


So hopefully soon the roof will go up and then we can start on the interior.

The sharp-eyed amongst may, perhaps, have noticed that the font for this blog looks a little different…well, to personalize it as much as possible I have created a font out of my handwriting! It is, believe it or not, even better than my handwriting, as it is more legible than my ‘real’ handwriting. I hope you can read it and yes, there has been a lot of rain giving me the time to create wonderful things like this..

Till next time…..


  1. Great to get news.And surely having another couple of paws help.
    Prints somewhere yet?
    We are keeping an eye on progress.
    Good to see…and it will be solid.
    Keep going the good work.

    Take care

  2. Great new website and love the font,
    So good to know the building is coming along so well without any cat as trophies …………………

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