A Roof over our Heads…

A lot of excitement yesterday….the roof construction has started!!

It is a wonderful feeling to finally see the roof go up. There has been a lot of construction work over the last few months, but it always looks a little incomplete without a roof. At the beginning of the week all the aluminium beams arrived and for the first three days of the week they have been cutting and joining the beams to make the supports. Now those supports are being put in place.

Photos from yesterday, when they started (you can click on any photo to see it bigger)

And photos from Day Two of the Roof Project Smile


It feels good to have a roof over our heads……


  1. Wow, you guys must be excited by now, I know we are and it’s not even our place, it looks great and it’s fun to see the progress, thanks for the updates and we are looking forward to see more and to finally see it in person in December.

    1. Author

      Looking forward to seeing you both. December is really not that far away!! TTFN (TA TA For Now) 🙂

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