Tiles and Bikes…..


We haven’t stopped….work has continued and the results can be seen. The roof is nearly completed and then it will just be finishing the interior.

The weather has been reasonably kind. There has been a lot of rain at night, lashing down, keeping me awake, but by the morning it has usually stopped, so work hasn’t got too held up.

And also, to add to our fleet of vehicles, we got a scooter and my, have bikes changed since I was enjoyed my 550cc Kawasaki in London many years ago. We bought a Honda something 125cc. It’s fully automatic, smart brakes (I think that means that when you pull one brake lever it cleverly applies the front and rear brake together), fuel injected and a 5 year old could drive it….it’s a little too simple for me, I keep pulling the lever on my left handle, expecting it to be the clutch, but it’s the brake, so rather than gliding smoothly forward I stop suddenly.

But simplicity is good and Barb has been learning the basic skills and having to put up with my endless lectures on remembering that everyone else on the road will be trying to kill her, so be careful! Barb is just happy that the bike has a red seat and she has a red helmet!

But it does make it much easier to pop to the supermarket and, as all bikers know, being on a motorbike is just good old fashioned fun!


  1. hello,

    my wife and i want to be amongst the first guests at your minty new resort. we have dived at Ambon before and are totally amazed at the aquatic life.

    thks for the regular update. it really stokes the fire.

    wishing you and the team good weather and safe construction. and looking forward to your grand opening.


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