We are nearly there!!

Sorry for no updates recently, but it’s been an incredible busy few weeks. We’ve been going non-stop and it’s left little time for blogging….

As a picture is the best way to show the progress, here are some of the latest. The Dive Centre is nearly complete, our compressor room is finished, ready to pump air and nitrox and our boats arrived today!!!!!!








Everything is on schedule for our opening on the 10th October. We can’t wait to get diving and to start welcoming you to Ambon.


  1. Hi Kaj and Barb

    Pictures look great, you have certainly made a lot of progress since your last blog. The boats look wonderful and we can’t wait to dive with you in December (and of course share a few Bitang’s). M & M

    1. Author

      Thanks M & M. Looking forward to it! Can’t believe that today is October already…

  2. Shit man boats look impressive.More pics please…
    Building is looking great too.Cant wait.
    Will email dates soon.
    Take care and all the best for the starting day.

    1. Author

      Thanks guys. Yes, the boats are great..well tell you the story of their epic journey to get here when we see you…and the Dive Centre is awesome!

  3. Hi Kaj/barb
    Look Great
    lovely camera room and nice boat
    the compressor room is quite impressive as well
    Can’t wait to be there in 3 weeks

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