Yes, we are still here

Even though it has been very hard to get out diving (for Barb and I), a lot of diving has been going on. We’ve had a great few months, a lovely Christmas and New Year, both of them, the change from 2013 to 2014 and the Chinese New Year. We’ve had a wonderful selection of guests, from Canada, the States, the UK, Russia, Singapore, Japan, China, Holland and, of course, Indonesia.

One of the guests, Andrey (from Russia) is a dive journalist and photographer. He was with us for 12 days and was kind enough to send many photos to us to use on the website. His photos are feature on this page, a small collection of his images and you can see them all by clicking here.

There have been a fantastic collection of critters, include a pair of Harlequin Shrimp under our new many great small critters..but undoubtedly one of the highlights was over Chinese New Year when for two days we saw Hammerhead Sharks at Hukurila Caves. Hukurila Caves is a stunning dives site, incredibly healthy coral, wonderful tunnels/caves, so to see the sharks there was very special.

Sightings in the last month or so include Hammerheads, Eagle Rays, White tips, Dolphins, Harlequin Shrimp, Rhinopias, Bumblebee Shrimp,Tiger Shrimp, Banded Tozeuma Shrimp, Donald Duck Shrimp, Frogfish, Ambon Scorpionfish, many nudis and flatworms (including Solar Powered, Eel Bornella, Pickachu and Janolus), Bobtail Squid, Flamboyant Cuttlefish, Giant Cuttlefish, Broadclub Cuttlefish, Xeno Crabs, unknown Soft Coral Pipefish, Pygmy Pipehorses, Bargabanti Pygmies, Candy Crabs, juvenile Dragonets, Coconut Octopus, Wonderpus and much much more.

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