Barb’s Psychedelic Week – Photos

It’s time for some of Barb’s photos from the last week or so. It has really been quite a psychedelic time. As well as the Psychedelic Frogfish, there has also been Psychedelic Batwing Slugs and a bunch of other brightly coloured critters. Enjoy the photos (click on any to see full size).


  1. Nice shots! First time i see a juvenile psychodelic, very nice. btw.: the small White (“unknown”) frogfish looks like a Randalls frogfish to me. Nice White Variation, even with 2-3cm size it could have been an adult. Best regards!

  2. Hi Barb and Kaj
    Nice to hear that somebody found a psychedelic frogfish again. I love your pictures!! Interesting is, that this small baby has some green areas just behind the leg like fins. This is similar in other juveniles of the Histiophryne genera – see in my website

    I have written a book about frogfishes and I would be interested to add one or two pictures of a baby Psychedelic to it (and to my website if possible). Is this possible?

    Greetings from Switzerland
    Teresa Zubi

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