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This page contains Photo Galleries from guests who have dived with us. Thank you for allowing us to use them.

Click on a name below, then click on the photo to see all the photos in the gallery.

Ben visited us in January 2015, with his wife Jade. As well as being great photographers, they are also wonderful vets, who help us with our family of cats. Ben came with a good sized critter wishlist, and they did not leave disappointed. We are looking forward to seeing them again with new cameras!!
Anka (Ann Karin) was here in April with her mother. Anka is from Norway and wrote a lovely article about us which was published in Dykking, the Norwegian Diving Magazine. These are the fantastic photos she took when she was here.
Andrey is a Russian journalist/photographer who dived with us for 12 days over Christmas and New Year 2013/2014. These are a selection of the photos he took. All photos are posted here with his permission and remain copyright of Andrey. There are four galleries, please click on one of the photos below to enter each gallery.

Gallery 1:

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Gallery 2:

[ilightbox id=”26″]20140108-D1---Ambon-(18)[/ilightbox]

Gallery 3:

[ilightbox id=”27″]20140104-D4---Ambon-(42)[/ilightbox]

Gallery 4:

[ilightbox id=”28″]20131231-D2---Ambon-(19)[/ilightbox]

Martin is a very accomplished photographer who has visited us before at previouos resorts. This was his first trip to Ambon, with his partner Kate.

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Pam is a wonderful photographer from the States. she is very active on Wetpixel and was kind enough to share some photos from here trip here in March

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Anka was here in May. Anka is from Norway and wrote a lovely article which was published in dukkine. These are the fanatstic photos she took when she was here.

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