Come Ambon

Dive into Ambon is the result of a dream of two passionate divers to create a unique diving experience in one the most diverse regions of Indonesia. Kaj and Barb have decades of diving experience between them, from all over the world. We are proud to be owner operators and be able to pour all our love for the underwater world into our own Dive Centre.

Both Kaj and Barb maintain their own personal websites, which showcase their underwater videos and photographs.

Kaj’s website –

Barb’s website –

Kaj has been a dive professional since 1998. He has enjoyed an eclectic range of professions before following his heart and moving into full time diving.From being an IT Manager in the City of London, to helping make Dom Joly’s first TV show and then working at a London Bridge Club, he now dives and takes underwater video. Kaj started his dive career in the Caribbean and spent four wonderful years in Roatan, Honduras, before it got too developed. He then went to the Commonwealth of Dominica, an amazing island in the Eastern Caribbean, where he discovered his love of video.

He also discovered Barb. After fours years there, Barb and Kaj decided it was time for a change and we headed off to Malaysia, to manage a dive centre on Tioman. Another two years went by and then we got the opportunity to work on a wonderful boat, the Tuitai, in Fiji. After a quick stint back in the Caribbean, managing a private island called Turneffe Island Resort, it was onto Kungkungan Bay Resort, where we have managed to diving for the last three years. KBR is an iconic resort and introduced his passion, ‘muck’ diving.

And finally, Kaj is pronounced ‘Kai’. He has no one to blame for this except his parents, both of who would be very upset if he changed his name at this point in his life. It is a Scandinavian (Swedish) name. Kaj does answer to pretty much any pronunciation, such as Ky, Key, Cadge, or K…especially if preceded by the phrase by ‘would you like a beer…?’

Barb had been a dive professional since 1999. After having her own Beauty Spa in Melbourne she worked on a cruise ship in the Caribbean, as a beauty therapist, satisfying her need for travel and adventure. While on the cruise ship she was introduced to diving and immediately fell in love with the sport.

A successful career began, and Barb has worked on the Barrier Reef and Ningaloo, where she became hooked on photography. Deciding that Australia was too close to home (it was home!), Barb moved back out to the Caribbean where she worked for Sea Saba and Red Sail, before heading to Dominica where she met Kaj.